Secret Pleasure #19: Blankie

26 06 2011

Here goes a sort of embarrassing secret pleasure post: my blankie.

Everyone had one as a baby, some have them as adults.  And truly, I don’t think there’s too much to be ashamed of.

Originally, as a baby, my blanket was yellow like BJ’s from Barney.  I carried (or crawled with) it all around my house sticking it up my nose and drying my tears: all the classic kid stuff.  Eventually, my parents threw it away because it was so disgusting, but I was also at the age where I didn’t really need one anymore.  Yet, one day (I’d guess around the age of 6) I saw my brother’s Tweety Bird Blanket in his room and I had to have it.  It looks like this but with yellow trim:

Having my brother’s blanket made me feel closer to him (and I liked to think he was jealous that I had it – he wasn’t) and my parents in general.  I slept with that blanket all of my childhood.  Perhaps, around the age of 12 I had overcome my dependency on it (I didn’t take it to sleepovers or anything), but I still liked to have it around.  First off, I’d grown so accustomed to sleeping with the blanket under my head that, without it, I felt like my neck was cramping.  Also, it was a sign of comfort.

When I went to college I took my blanket.  No, I didn’t always sleep with it, but when I was having a good cry it was always taken out of the drawer.  I’d put it up to my face and inhale; it smells the same as it did when I was 6.  I’d snuggle with it under my arms; it’s still just as soft.  And, simply looking at it made me calm; no, it’s not as colorful as before.

Now, as I sit here writing this post in the middle of the airport on my way to New Zealand for 5 months I’m happy I packed my blanket.  Yes, I had to take out a few of my precious clothes in order for it to fit; however, on that one day that I’m feeling blue I know I’ll be glad to have it with me.

My Secret Pleasure: Taking comfort in my childhood and family



2 responses

28 06 2011

I was so originally pissed off that you took my blanket. You’re a thief!

1 07 2011

Really, I never knew that. O’well, I have it you don’t. Nener-nener-nener

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