1000 Things We Hate #170: Human Howling

5 07 2011

There is really only one designated howler out there

4th of July.  Fireworks.  Excited howling?

So, yesterday my housemates and I went around Freedom Fair on the Ruston Way waterfront in Tacoma.  We celebrated the 4th of July (good point that the house manager at The Grand said was his pet peeve: it’s Independence Day not “4th of July” because you don’t go around calling Christmas the 25th of December) in that typical patriotic fair by wearing Red, White, and Blue and what not.  I felt a little forced into it because I don’t typically celebrate holidays, but oh well.

Anyway, we sat around on the rocks along the beachfront and waited mildly impatiently.  Eventually, the fireworks began to shoot off from the barge out there in the sound.  At this point, a strange phenomenon happened: humans began to howl.   People would go “wwooooohhh awhhooooo!” as they celebrated the birth-time of their American heritage through a Chinese medium of shooting a bunch of colorful explosives up into the air.  I wondered deeply on why the fuck would people start imitating a carnivorous animal.  Are we, in moments of awe, trying to recede back to our primal routes.  Do bright lights make us want to gain anthropomorphic features?

This phenomenon is not limited to just the awe-inspiring (though, I would like to make the point that I always get incredibly excited for fireworks, but, in the end, they leave me immensely disappointed) alchemy of explosives.  Hooping and hollering along with howling is quite common at sports venues.  What better way than to support your team by going way of the Animorphs.

Turning into a fly is totally in my repetoire for becoming an animal

I just do not fully understand the human necessity to turn barbaric in times of excited giddy.  Howling should really only be reserved for parents crying over dead children; those moments of intense emotion.  Howling at fireworks or sports teams get you nowhere aside from looking like a fucking fool.



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