1000 Things We Hate #174: Radios on Boats

25 07 2011

I will go on record saying that I really dislike (i.e. hate) motorized open-air vehicles.  These include: convertibles, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, etc.  I just feel like I do not have that much control.

This is also the case for boats.  I just don’t care for going fast on a boat over the water.  I may chalk that up to being frightened into a white blur of a boy after going tubing.  Putting around on a fishing boat isn’t that bad, though.  Overall, going fast on boats just does not enthrall me as much as other people.

I do however, as shown earlier, like kayaking.  So, when I’m out kayaking around in a larger lake I have to contend with wakes… and stupid people with their stupid radios out in their stupid boats.  And yes, I insult things like I’m a 10 year old.

I feel like their forcing upon those around them to listen to their music is a pretty dickish move.  I mean, really, I’m out enjoying my time on the nice, serene lake, and they come and ruin it for me.  RUIN IT.  Typically they’re obese and drinking beer and are probably going to get cancer OF THE FUCKING THROAT.

I feel like it’s okay to play music in your car (as long as it’s not a convertible).  Though, the ridiculous bass going BRRRHMM BRRRHMM BRRRHMM next to you while you’re parked at a stop light can be incredibly irritating.

Overall, I do not want other people’s shitty music forced upon me when I’m trying to have a nice day.  Because getting out on the water is meant for you to enjoy your setting.  Take in the moment.  And don’t fucking ruin it for anyone else.  When I can hear your music from across the lake, you have a problem.  I am going to power-kayak up to your boat, hijack it, shoot you with a blunderbuss, and pee on your steering wheel.  True story.

Of course, when I’m angry at these people, I just imagine Harley Quinn hitting them with her giant mallet.

Totally happening.

Dreams can come true, right?



One response

25 07 2011

I totally agree with you! I go boating pretty often with my family during the summer and that is the worst part. While I don’t mind the music, (we play music off of our boat) I hate when people don’t spread out enough. Being surrounding by tons of boats all listening to something different is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

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