1000 Things We Hate #175: Camping Dog Barks

26 07 2011


I happen to really enjoy camping.  It’s the boy scout in me that has been engrained.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time or the company to go camping for quite awhile.  Lillian and I almost went last year, but the weather in the Pacific Northwest can be quite temperamental.

There’s many things about camping in a campground that I don’t like.  I’ll spare you from those until a later date, but, for now, I’d like to focus on dogs in campgrounds barking away.

Taking dogs camping can be fun and shows off some companionship.  I enjoy kickin’ it in my tent with my dog jumping up on my cot and snuggling with me (sometimes attempting to make it into the sleeping bag).  Nevertheless, dogs can be a hindrance as much as a help.  For one, they always seem to insert themselves into your camping life.  In a way, they greatly determine what you do throughout your endeavor out in the wilderness.  You go on walks for them, you wake up at specific times for them (when they get antsy), and you have to carefully cook your food away from them.

In that sense, dogs can take up much of your time while camping.  They also can be a major pain in the ass in campgrounds when there are other dogs.

More dogs than humans!

Dogs have a tendency to bark at each other.  Whether this is out of excitement or territorial acquisition, dogs like to make themselves known.  This also happens to occur in the morning… while you sleep…

I mean, seriously, fuck dogs.  You’re sleeping and then suddenly there’s scratching on your tent as your dog nervously wants to escape to stake out their awesomeness to other dogs.  Barking ensues and you nervously scramble out of your tent in your pajamas to prevent commotion.  At this point, you’re screwed because EVERYONE in the campground can hear your and the other dog going at it.  They privately swear beneath their breath.  In the quiet still of a Saturday morning at 7 am, everyone gets pissed off in unison.  You are the one at fault… at least for the while.

When it’s someone else’s dog from across the campground you swear “fuckin’ dogs!”  It’s a damn shame that you and others love their pets to such a large extent.  Because they can be hella (yeah, I used it) annoying ruining the serene morning (yeah, I did that).

What can you do?  Dogs are going to bark.  So, maybe you can just kick them… hard.

(I didn’t mean that)



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8 12 2011
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