1000 Things We Hate #177: Wave Neglect

10 08 2011

A wave can say, “Hello friend,” “Good bye,” “Thank you,” or “Over this way,” and so many other things. It is a simple acknowledgement of something someone else has done for you. This kind of polite acknowledgement has now officially died. This rant directed at the “Thank you” wave. When I put in the effort and the forethought to let someone merge onto the highway in front of me or let a mom and kids at the store, a biker, a mailman, or a jogger cross the street in front of my car, give me a WAVE! It is not like I am asking for a kidney or for you to name your first born child after me, I am simply asking for a little bit of acknowledgement that I went out of my way to do something nice for you.

When did our courteousness in society die? When did we all just start being so angry and demanding with other people around us like this? People are so self-centered it is like we all just deserve, as a human birth right for the traffic to stop for us. AH, NO. I am the person who allows you to get into traffic, and to cross the road safely. yes, your welcome. Okay, I know, at times it can be inconvenient to wave, with your coffee, child, bag, or whatever. Okay, we have all been there with too much to carry but even then, give me a nod or a smile, something! This is by far my number one pet-peeve.

Even though everyone else in society has apparently forgotten about polite waving, I will continue to wave to you. When you let me walk across the street in front of you or you let me merge into traffic I will continue to acknowledge the nice act that you just did.

Killing with kindness,

Ashley Johnson

1000 Things We Hate #177: Wave Neglect is a submission from the Guest Post Contest written by Ashley Johnson.
The views expressed by the writers of the Guest Post Contest may or may not reflect the opinions of the managers of MechanisticMoth.



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