1000 Things We Hate #178: Dirty Kitchen Towels

11 08 2011

I think we can all agree that when something is dirty it is also gross.  Therefore, it seems counter productive to use a dirty kitchen towel to dry clean dishes.  Are you not propagating the mess?

Why then is it still done?

Don't let the pretty basket fool you, those towels are covered in germs.

Not only do kitchen towels accumulate immeasurable amounts of germs from kitchen surfaces and people’s hands but they can also be stained by liquids and food.  Eventually, they’ll grow so disgusting that they start to smell like rotting eggs or spoiled milk.  And then you attempted to dry things with them!  What stupid logic is this!?!

If you let it get too bad the smell will never come out of your towels!  So, while they may appear clean one sniff and you’re looking for the toilet to puke.

I'm not sure why he's so happy about hiding under dirty towels. I guess he's naive.

My opinion is that kitchens should have a hook to hang towels or you can fold them over the oven door handle (This is more dangerous because if you end up opening the oven the towel might drag on the floor).  Towels should also only be used for a maximum of 3 days depending on the frequency of kitchen use.  And if you live with other people then everyone has to man up and take some responsibility for the mess!  You can never wash kitchen towels too often.

Don’t be a prat, clean your towels.

For more information relating to gross people and their kitchen messes click here.



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