1000 Things We Hate #179: Employee Smoke Breaks

18 08 2011

Classy, folks.

Nothing screams “high-class establishment” more than having your employees smoke right out in front of your store or office.  “Let’s go on a smoke break” typically translates to “let’s go out front and make our business look like a wasteland.”

Now, I’ve already covered smoking, in a sense, before with Cigarette Butt Litter and Yellow Fingernails, but I feel like I need to tackle smoking head-on.  Of course, if I just do a 1000 Things We Hate post on smoking, it would take an entire decade to read… a decade, that’s right.  So, instead, I’m going to compartmentalize with multiple hates for the same, nasty thing.

This post was mostly spawned by me riding my bike 2.5 miles to the comic book store yesterday.  Surprisingly, I didn’t almost get hit for the first time in a century.  Plus, like always, I wore my helmet.  Anyway, I’m riding along this gigantic hill near South Tacoma Way (after nearly flying over my handlebars on a curb that I thought I could go over) where ANOTHER 7-11 was inserted into our modern society.  Everyone should know that I love slurpees.  I love them a lot.  I usually get one a week.  Plus, my cousin works at two 7-11s, so I am quite fond of them (except their food) So, I am not opposed to 7-11s rearing their ugly heads ON EVERY CITY BLOCK like Starbucks.  What did make me rather disgruntled was seeing a 7-11 employee sitting on the curb DIRECTLY OUTSIDE 7-11 smoking a cigarette.  Now, 7-11s are kind of trashy, scary places, but having an employee smoking outside it is pretty bad.

You look so sexy I want to buy a hat

But this nasty habit and great PR stunt is not only limited to 7-11s.  In fact, many shopping centers like Fred Meyers, Safeway, Albertsons, etc. have it happening all of the time.  You would think that they would have the decency to go in back rather than RIGHT IN FRONT of the store.

In that sense, restaurants have it figured it out.  Typically the chef or someone in some other similar position has a smoking habit.  However, instead of going in front of the store to smoke, they go to the back where they won’t bother anyone.  Then again, I’m not exactly sure how you can make a bad thing better.

I suppose that smoking outside is better than smoking inside (does Shari’s still allow a smoking section?), but it does not put up a good front for customers.  At least naked advertising would make a statement, but advertising that your employees have a death wish?  Not so much.



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27 08 2011

This is my biggest pet peeve. I hate being assaulted by disgusting cigarette smoke every time I walk down the street or try to enter a place of business. I’ve been so tempted to say on occasion, “Give yourself cancer, but would you mind not giving it to me, too?” but I always chicken out.

6 11 2011

Another thing about smoke breaks that annoys me is why should smokers be allowed extra breaks? I work as a waiter and there are about 3 people (out of 8) who smoke and for some reason they are allowed 3 extra “smoke breaks” while the rest of us have to continue working.

6 11 2011

sorry that face with glasses above was meant to be the number eight.

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