1000 Things We Hate #183: Fake Inspirational Posters

14 09 2011

I began to write this post about real inspirational posters – how they’re annoying and no one really reads them and believes them.  Seriously, how many times did you read one of those “You can reach the Stars!” posters and think “yeah… right…”?  In the process, I discovered (well, I was kind of already aware) of fake inspirational posters.

These quickly photoshopped images try exceedingly to be funny.  Hilarious.  Amazing.  Show all of your friends what you did in 5 minutes.  Sure, they’re witty, but some of them are just damn insulting.

Honestly, who finds this funny? It’s insulting because it encourages rape culture.  Sure, they say that rape is illegal, but it’s still “the best [thing] in life”.  This is uncalled for and perpetuates the dehumanization of women and young girls in our culture.

Other posters also stoop down to this level of insulting groups and cultures of people based upon the stereotyped images that we have created.

Now, I just imagine that the people behind these images sit behind their computer desks writing notes and photoshopping away about the best new joke.  Of course, these are jokes at the expense of others.

Once again, the posters objectify young girls.  Sure, they’re having a fun time and are promiscuosly showing off their bodies, but the girl in the background is deemed ugly.  Instead, we should embrace all people as beautiful in their own way rather than stooping to cheap insults created by the illusion of being anonymous on the internet.

Granted, there are some funny ones out there.  They’re simple to make and many of them are harmless.  But this does not balance out the ones that are from the cheap thrills of sheepishly making fun of someone based upon their race, class, gender, etc.

Internet, keep yourself in check.



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