1000 Things We Hate #184: eBay Rare

16 09 2011

I happen to enjoy eBay a lot.  I typically will buy a few things here and there off of it every couple of months typically artwork or presents… maybe a few videogames have slipped in there.  eBay is a great resource to find things at a relatively good price and I appreciate it for that.

There is a problem within eBay that spreads like a disease.  It is the “rare” disease.  Items that cost $5 are occasionally called rare (like earrings).  Or, I was just looking at some Dan McCarthy art prints and they were calling a print that was $100 rare even though he typically does print runs of 550.  Not so rare, people.

My favorite is looking at Ninja Turtle comics.  As said before, I am a huge ninja turtle fan.  So, I have a good idea of what the prices are and what is rare and not rare in the realm of TMNT comics.  For instance, there is currently a CGC 9.8 rating (out of 10) of the first edition of issue one for the first series on eBay.  Basically, it’s the comic that spawned all of the other comics.  Although the price is a little steep at over 11,000, this comic is rare.  Why? Because there were between 2000-3000 of them printed, total.  That was 25 years ago.  To find something in that condition that also launched a global phenomenon is rare.

However, putting the first edition of the first issue of the IDW issue that came out last month (which according to Diamond Distributors sold around 40,000 copies) for $10 more than what the issue costs and calling it rare does not mean it is rare.

I suppose that calling things rare is such an arbitrary but easy process.  Honestly, it’s 4 letters but the letters R-A-R-E arranged in that certain way will catch the eye of someone who has not become desensitized by it and they will more than likely get screwed over.

So, do some research and be cautious of “rare” on eBay… or, well, any place really.



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