1000 Things We Hate #186: Eye Scars

21 09 2011

“Oh! Oh! I have an idea!”
“What is it?”
“I know how to make our character infinitely more badass!”
“What, seriously!? It’s just what our character is needing!”
“I know I know!”
“Well… tell me!”
“Let’s give him a scar that goes past his eye!”
“OMG YES! That is perfect!”
“I know, right!?”
“But… hasn’t it been done before?”
“Well, yeah… but it has been shown that an eye scar makes the character seem powerful because they have faced great obstacles and come out alive.  The eye scar is perfect for making people look scary, intense, and incredibly awesome/evil!”
“It just seems kind of redundant… fuck it, nevermind.  YOU’RE TOTALLY RIGHT!”
“Ooh! Oh!  I have another idea!”
“Wait… already?”
“Yeah… let’s give the next character in our next big project an eye scar too!”

Seriously, folks.  It’s been done.  Done too much.  I do not want to see another goddamn eye scar for a long time.  It’s almost as bad as the chosen one.  Sure, it’s ingrained in our culture that the eye scar has this connotation for the characters at being unique and that they have faced great trials, but it’s an overdone trope.  It seems all too easy for creators to give their characters facial scars merely to set them apart from the rest of the characters.  Truly, it is giving the characters their own distinct voices that should do this rather than their appearances.  I mean, really, when Anakin popped up with an eye scar in Episode III out of nowhere with no real reason, it seemed trite.

If you’re going to give a character a facial scar, then make it count.  I do not needed this unnecessary fact added to the character when it does absolutely nothing for the story.  It’s cheap writing.



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21 09 2011
Eliza Thornberry

What about Elle Driver?

31 05 2012


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