1000 Things We Hate #192: Microwave Time

12 10 2011

Oh, domestic life... and analog clocks

Alright, this thing has really frightened me the last few days.  I walk on by through the kitchen (often in the dark because I think I am the only person in my house who can walk through the house without the lights on) and naturally look at the time on the microwave.  However, I see 0:17 instead of, say, 10:31.  WHAT THE FUCK!? I react.  How has the Earth reverted to 17 seconds with no hour!?  Is it the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Risen from the grave to save us from the timer on microwaves!

Then I realize how stupid I am in that little instant.  Obviously, the microwave was opened mid-countdown.  Who would do such a thing!?

Impatient people, that’s who!  Or people who notice that their Mac & Cheese is boiling… Nevertheless, this is a frustrating occurence.  Clearly, there is a button that cancels the countdown and allows the microwave to return to its normal digital clock time-giving activity.

Do not leave me be!

How difficult is it to cover up your mistakes at miscalculating the time it takes to fry something up (by making the water molecules go wild (woo! Spring Break), hmm?)?  It’s merely clicking the button and leaving it be so it can tell the world its time.

So, please do me a favor and make sure to not be a lazy ass and click a nice little touchscreen button.
Thanks and with love,
Elliott, et. al.

Behold! The magical list of every 1000 Things We Hate awaits you!



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