1000 Things We Hate #9: This is True

21 10 2011

I hate this phrase… with a passion.

This may be my biggest pet peeve, by far.

Why you ask?

Because it’s stupid… why else.

So why does this frustrate me so much?

Imagine this situation: You’re talking to someone and you bring up an interesting point like “well, if you tie someone’s shoes together for a joke, it might actually end up hurting them.” And then they reply “this is true…” as if pondering amongst their thoughts.

I’m sorry, I’m the one that brought up the point… so, don’t go claiming that you had any involvement by using “this” instead of “that.”  I have the claim over the statement, not you.

That’s why people should use “that is true…” instead of “this is true…” when it’s a point brought up by someone else because they can’t lay down any ownership over the phrase.

It just angers me a lot whenever I hear it.  So much so, I actually completely lose interest in whatever I’m talking about with them.

Don’t use that damned phrase.



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18 11 2011
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