1000 Things We Hate #193: Ketchup Water

24 10 2011

by Blasphamee

So, you’re really excited for your french fries or something or the other.  You’ve been waiting for this moment your entire time waiting for your fries: the sweet combination of fries with the godly ketchup.  You squeeze the bottle and something like ketchup but not so grand comes out – ketchup water.

Let’s start with the genius of ketchup… who knew that a bunch of mashed up tomatoes mixed with an overwhelming amount of sugar could test so amazing.  For instances, I have a housemate who puts ketchup on her mashed potatoes (aight) or even her pancakes (ech!).  The point is that it is extremely versatile.  Sugary weird goodness.  Talking about ketchup is making me both crave it and become reviled over it.  It’s essentially all the same.

So, when you get that excitement over finally getting to add ketchup to your meal, the last thing you want is ketchup water.

Urban Dictionary’s first definition of ketchup water goes like this:

The most vile and disgusting thing found on Earth. Often a result of laziness due to a lack of shaking a ketchup bottle before spewage onto a plate of fries or hamburger.
I would rather drink diarrhea vomited from your mother’s ass after being fermented in a hippos vagina for 8000 years than ketchup water touch my fries.

So, how do we rid ourselves of this phenomenon?  Well, like the definition suggests, we shake the ketchup bottle beforehand.  Nevertheless, THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK which really, really sucks.

My suggestion?  Throw away your entire meal and start again (not really because I can’t stand people wasting food).  Then punch a baby dolphin


A follow-up post was created with more pictures of Pikachu with Ketchup!

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And, for the love of all hate, check out the master list!



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22 11 2011
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