1000 Things We Hate #195: Candy Corn

31 10 2011

Little traingles of Disgust!

I have an aversion to all things that taste like chalk.  I suppose it’s because limestone is disgusting.  Don’t you remember those times as a kid in which you insisted on tasting chalk?  BAD DECISION.  It tasted like no other thing before it.  Like a whale hit an elephant at full speed and turned into a solid – yet porous – substance.

In that regards, candy corn seems to follow suit in the “things that taste like chalk” category.  The problem is: CANDY CORN IS SO GODDAMN APPEALING.  It’s bright, colorful, matches the colors of autumn, hard yet soft, and breaks apart in pleasant little pieces.  Yet, hidden inside its deep reserves is a full hatred of humanity to overthrow civilization as we know it one candy corn at a time.

Second of all, do we even need any more corn in our diet?  Candied or not?  Sure, sure, this is a stretch of an argument but things that look like corn apparently seem just as dangerous as corn itself!  BLAST THIS CONUNDRUM!

The overall problem is that most people really enjoy candy corn.  Like, it completes them or something around Halloween.  Apparently it has magical powers for people.  “OH MY GOD, MY LEUKEMIA HAS BEEN HEALED – THANKS CANDY CORN!”  Exactly.  So, why should I hate something that allegedly cures leukemia?  Because it is so goddamn disgusting.

It makes me want to drink 5 gallons of water after eating one candy corn to get the wretched taste out of my mouth.  It makes me want to hunt a candy corn celebrity all tan and weird.

Jessica Simpson - Candy Corn

What can we do on this fateful Halloween of 2011?  Burn all Candy Corn factories until the stank that is their hidden ingredient is released into the world… curing global warming (see, it’s beneficial for something!).

Yes, I believe that a lot of people are going to disagree with me.  To that regard, let me rely upon an age old (and, really, a young age) insult: you. are. stupid.

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5 responses

31 10 2011

I disagree. You. Are. Stupid.
Candy corn is amazing. There’s pure joy in eating it.
Plus, the glaze that makes it shiny is made out of beetles or something similar…eating bugs get’s you into the Halloween spirit.

1 11 2011

EATING BUGS IS AWESOME! And totally in the spirit of Halloween.
Candy Corn is also in the spirit of Halloween, but, alas, it is gross as fuck.

Though, I have to admit, I like their Candy Apple Caramel Candy Corn.

I knew this post would be one of contention amongst us.

1 11 2011
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