1000 Things We Hate #196: Indivdually Wrapped Candy

1 11 2011

Mere moments after finishing my last post, I remembered this hate that I was going to do in honor of Halloween.  I had forgotten about this post within the gathering storm over my hate of candy corn.  I feel as if this hate is a bit more general so more people can get into it and agree (or disagree vehemently) with me.

Alright, I can understand the appeal of individually wrapped candy.  You are faced with this large obstacle in your quest for candy: the candy wrapper.  Sometimes no matter how hard you tear, THEY DO NOT BUDGE OR RIP.  But, when they do, it is “glory glory hallelujah” (one of the few religious things you may ever see me reference/say)!  Unwrapping that candy wrapper furiously is part of the fun of the holidays (not just Halloween specifically), and it poses a simple challenge with a high reward.

Fun Now Decesaed

How am I such an ass, then?  Well, let’s step back from that initial moment/challenge of opening the wrapper.  First, you’re faced with a basket/bag/container full of candy.  You’re stuck in the decision phase in which you MUST prioritize your candy-eating choices.  You make your decision, and then you open the wrapper.  Finally, you shove the delicious treat into your mouth deciding it was all worth it.  Nevertheless, in the end, you are faced with a problem – now you have a giant mound of wrappers.

That seems like an AWFUL LOT of waste.  Now, I can understand bigger candies like full-sized Snickers bars or Mounds or something having wrappers (which can be re-purposed into handbags and such in a processed called terracycling) that you throw away.  However, I cannot understand buying a giant bag of candy with each tiny little square Milky Way being individually wrapped.  Now, I understand this is meant for safety: if the wrapper is opened, someone may be trying to kill your kid.  But, I wish we could come up with some sort of alternative because it basically seems like we’re creating more waste out of waste and it gets perpetuated.

Many wrappers for so little of a reward seems futile, and I hate that we live in a society in which people try to poison/fuck-with other people.  Tiny individualized candy seems like an unfortunate necessity, but I AM NOT PLEASED.

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