A Thing on Halloween Candy

1 11 2011

I’d just like to mention that I love candy.  Hence the reason why I talk about it aplenty on such posts as Sticky Candy, Melted Chocolate, or Candy Corn.  Part of the reason I run so many posts on candy is because it is an integral part of my life.  I eat a fair amount – probably a good share of the world’s eating of candy (a clear 4% total just for myself).

Alas, it has come to that time of the year – the day AFTER Halloween.  This is the moment in which you can truly gorge yourself on beautiful deliciousness.  I may think about people who are less fortunate than me, but I’ll be thinking about that while I eat my candy.

Naturally, there are some candies that stick out at me as being truly revolting like the aforementioned candy corn.  I may also write a post on Twizzlers.  However, it’s a little unfair to single out specific candies because many people may enjoy them a bit more than me.  Nevertheless, that will not stop me in despising them in private (seriously who wants to eat things that taste like plastic #Twizzlers?).

In the wake of post-Halloween, remember: Razorblades are just as important as the candy – you can use them to open the tiny little bags up faster.

For a neat thing on Halloween Candy, check out this Huffington Post article.



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15 12 2011
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