14 11 2011

Here at 1000 Things We Hate, we try to provide you with some entertaining posts. Unfortunately, life happens to get in the way of them (should life be the 1000th 1000 Things We Hate!?).  I typically can use a blog post to inspire me to write some large project, but I unfortunately have too much writing to do, in general.  For the next 4-5 weeks, I have an essay every week.  THIS WILL BE HELL.  I am quite stressed out.  So, unloading anger onto a Hate may be possible, but I may just be too consumed.  So, we’ll see.

If there’s a hiatus, I apologize.  Especially considering that this blog is a baby blog starting out with a grand average of 30 views a day (I miss the 400 views a day at MechanisticMoth).  More posting means more visitors, but that may just have to wait.  So, in the meantime, I highly encourage you to take a gander at the 201 1000 Things We Hate posts that have been crafted so far.

Enjoy!  And, thanks.




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