1000 Things We Hate #202: I Know, Right

16 11 2011

Within the last decade, a new phrase has entered into our lexicon.  That phrase is (obviously): I know, right.

However, when you hear this phrase it can often come off as: I know, right?  WHICH IS JUST WEIRD.

That phrase makes the responder sound quite foolish.  It’s as if they know but don’t know… or they’re just agreeing for the sake of agreeing.

Let’s give some examples:

“Man, I thought about slicing up my eyeballs after that anatomy test!”
“I know, right!”

Are they agreeing that their friend should have sliced up their eyeballs or that they should have also joined in?  Is slicing eyeballs just going around like a plague!?

“I really wish Johnny didn’t think I was fat…”
“I know, right!”

Um… are you under the impression that your friend is fat or that Johnny should quit it?  I’m lost and confused.

[COMPLETE SIDENOTE: I searched “I know right” in OpenBook because it is a plentiful resource… turns out “I” “know” “right” are all farely common words… WHAT I DID FIND, though was this by a man named Gourav: I need to be with you by Kekaulike Dabis I miss you so much, But there’s nothing I can do. I need your sweet touch, I need to be with you. You can’t image how crazy you’re driving me. I feel like nothing will ever be same. It’s like being in hell for all eternity. Just replaying a horrible game. Why did you have to leave? What did you have to do? You have deceived, My every right to believe in you. Please come back to me, I love you so much. I’m begging on my knees]

Okay… sorry about that.  I got a little bit off the rails with something I thought was so tackily hilarious.

“I know, right” is a fairly common expression nowadays.  And, being the hypocrite I am, I would not be surprised if I have said it before.  Nevertheless, it’s a confusing little bit of evil that should naturally demean you.  I will more than likely look down upon you for saying it.

Here’s a video that can help you understand this unfortunate phenomenon:


Phrases seem to be my enemy.  To check out more you can read: Skinning Cat Phrase, I Don’t Know, This is True, Otay, and others!

Also, we would be overwhelmingly overjoyed if you invited yourself to look at the MASTER LIST.



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