My Fingerless Gloves

20 11 2011

WE ARE HYPOCRITES.  Obviously, there are going to be some hates that we do not agree with.  Such as Lillian vehemently disagreeing that Candy Corn is gross.  That’s part of the challenge with three people writing 1000 Things We Hate: we all hate and love different things.

This occasion is like any other.  I would like to disagree partially to Monique’s post (from such a long time ago) on Fingerless Gloves.

Now, I agree with her, fingerless gloves can be ridiculously trendy especially when they’re knitted and in cute colors like turquoise, salmon, lime green, or burnt orange.  However, I own a pair of wool gloves that also have a mitten cover like the picture seen above.  However, my mitten coverings stay connected to the rest of the glove with VELCRO and not a button because being a 90s child is THAT awesome.

Anyway, I like them.  So, I hope Monique can make an exception for me.



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