Pikachu & Ketchup

22 11 2011

A true romance was crafted in the early episodes of Pokémon.  Both Ash and Pikachu loved food, and, above all, Pikachu loved ketchup (Ash Ketchum… A further love for his trainer).  Though it does not figure as prominently in current episodes.  We shall always remember the forbidden love of Pikachu and ketchup.

Always remember!


See, we do occasionally write about things we love on 1000 Things We Hate.  To check out some similar posts, we would like to imagine your finger clicking the mouse upon this link for Ketchup Water.  Or, this one for the most hated Pokémon.



One response

23 11 2011
1000 Things We Hate #193: Ketchup Water « 1000 Things We Hate

[…] A follow-up post was created with more pictures of Pikachu with Ketchup! […]

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