1000 Things We Hate #204: Apologizing again…and again…and again…

7 12 2011

In order to not come off as a snob I’m going to try to set some hypothetical scenes for you:

You go over to your friends house so they can show you their new clothes and you mistakenly say you think one of the shirts looks hideous on them.  They get super offended (no one likes honesty these days) and say such things as “well, this is the last time I ask you to come over” and “if you’re going to be mean just leave.”  How do you handle the situation?  You either leave as your friend requested and cause your obviously fragile friendship to shatter or you apologize.  The apology isn’t sincere (both you and your friend know this) but it doesn’t matter.

Cut. Next Scene.

Your friend says something stupid.  You say, “You’re stupid.”  Okay, so maybe they’re not entirely stupid and rather they’re just being stupid at the moment, but why should you have to apologize.  Are you not being honest?  Did you not correctly use the word stupid in a short, grammatically correct sentence that fits the occasion?  Alas, your friend is offended and you must amend the situation with a simple, “I’m sorry.”

While “I’m sorry” may be simple I can’t be the only one who is getting tired of saying it.  I do have the emotion shell of a cockroach and am blunt but this issue goes beyond my own personal flaws.

I remember playing sports in high school and everyone (including myself) apologized for making a tiny mistake.  Seriously, all that talking was eating minutes away from my life.  Plus, saying I’m sorry does little to help the situation.

As I watch tv (both sitcoms and reality) I get fed up with the massive amounts of “Sorry.”  There’s always that character, usually a guy, that messes things up and his over-controlling girlfriend or wife gets super pissed.  They ignore or treat him like a dog (I’m all for woman power but it gets a little sickening) until he finally apologizes.  And then everything goes back to normal!  Seriously people?  Did anyone study psychology?  Can you not see all this conditioning going on?  The behaviour is going to continue in a cycle and the apologies go for miles.

Yeah...he's only apologizing to get sex tonight.

Apologizing is not inherently a bad thing.  When I truly do something wrong, I want to apologize sincerely.  However, all the insincere apologies from myself and everyone else in the world is devaluing the words.  Most of the time if someone apologizes to me I know it’s BS, but I accept it because that’s what society has taught me to do.

As an extreme example think of all the times politicians say they’re sorry.  What do the words mean; will they change what they’ve done or is it a condolence void of any meaning?  I’m biased enough to chose the latter option.

A new sector of greeting cards: Diplomatic Apology

If you’re truly friends with a person you won’t make them feel guilty for the small things and compel them to apologize.  You’ll save the apologies for when they really matter.  I, for one, am really tired of muttering those two tiny words constantly.


Did we neglect to mention how “sorry” we are for enrapturing you into our beautiful, spiteful, dream world!?  Well, we’re not, but we’d still like to suck away your time.  Check out the MASTER LIST for more 1000 Things We Hate!



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9 12 2011
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