1000 Things We Hate #205: Proactive Commercials

8 12 2011

My ill feelings spur from sleeping in a New Zealand airport one night with Proactive commercials streaming for hours.  I’d rather they turn off the TV or put it on mute.  There was not one person there who cared about Proactive.  Plus, while you’re trying to sleep in uncomfortable chairs watching videos about acne isn’t exactly soothing.

What are the components of a proactive commercial?

1. Looking at acne…gross!  I was a teenager once and had to look at it in the mirror everyday; I don’t want reminders of that period in my life.

2. The Stars!  Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry! If I didn’t hate you before I hate you now.  I realize that it might be a good marketing scheme to humanize famous people to make acne seem normal (and it is normal) but who would really want their brand attached to an acne product, especially one so annoying. Additionally, it might just be me but when the stars talk they sound fake.  More fake than the usual commercials.

Am I the only one who finds it funny that JB is the only guy spokesperson? Is that good for his brand?

3. The “free” products.  Like many other commercials there’s always a free acne cream or whatnot.  They repeat over and over that it’s free, but is it really?  No, the price of the “free” cream is in the overpriced product itself.  If proactive is sooo great then why is it so expensive?  I don’t see any fancy ingredients (though I admittedly am not a genius on the subject) therefore I don’t understand why it’s so jacked up.  Then again, perhaps it’s expensive because famous people use it?  You’re paying a few extra bucks to brag about having the same acne treatment as Jessica Simpson…whoa, fancy.

4. Timing.  Proactive commercials aren’t normal commercials, they’re almost always paid programming.  That means 20 minutes of stupid, pus-y acne fun…or lack of fun.

5. The Music. Proactive commercials always have fast, upbeat music in the background.  Not only does this suck when you’re trying to sleep in an airport but overall it’s annoying.  It makes you feel anxious (obviously so you feel insecure about your skin) and gives rise to blistering headaches.

I can’t vouch for the quality of the proactive product, but I can say with absolute certainty the commercials are dreadful.


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One response

30 12 2011

I’ve never seen any of these new ones but I’m pretty sure Sean Combs aka. P. Diddy was the first male spokesperson for proactive. If not the first a very early one. Look his up on youtube…ridiculous.

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