1000 Things We Hate #207: Manure Covered Dogs

8 12 2011

Dogs.  I’m not exactly a fan but I don’t completely hate them either.  What I do hate is their compulsive desire to roll in anything smelly.  My home (or I should say my parent’s home) is located in the country with cow, horse, and plenty of other manures readily available.  So of course, every time the dogs go out they find a present to bring home to the family.

You might think the dog is cute but that's just because you don't have smell-o-vision...yet

Not only do dogs covered in manure smell like crap but their happiness also seems to increase exponentially.  This correlates to an increase in jumping on everything from furniture to the other dogs to me.  The smell spreads everywhere.

If the dog decides to roll in manure when you’re far away from home on a walk (which happens quite often with my family when we go to the river) they smell up the car on the way home.  This concentrates the smell for those unlucky enough to be riding along and leaves the foul odor for later car rides.

The final horrifying gift the lovely dog grants you is the pleasure of cleaning the manure off of them.  I absolutely refuse to do this by exaggerating my dislike for dogs, but I know from others’ experiences it is not pleasant.  If you don’t have a dog brush, you have to rub the shampoo in with your hands.  Yay, crap on your hands.

In conclusion, Dogs + Poop = Gross.


If you (dis)like poop check out more hateful posts about bird poop, dog poop, and human poop.  Or maybe you (dis)like dogs; check out dog barking.  If all else fails consult the Master list.



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9 12 2011
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