1000 Things We Hate #211: Inevitable Christmas Music

23 12 2011

Have I made it clear how much disdain I have for Christmas?  Well, just holidays in general.

This hate seems more of a practical one.  Even people who like Christmas may get sick of Christmas music.  It’s just one of those things that radio stations starting the day after Thanksgiving are like “FUCK YEAH! WE GET A BREAK!”  So, they just put the Christmas music on repeat, sit back, and smoke weed.  Seriously, that is what happens.

Shopping is the worst.  You go into the store and you are guaranteed to be infected with holiday cheer as if it were a new STD… minus the sex.  It’s like a shot in the arm and a blow to the head.  If I’m about to be attacked by Christmas music, I decide to fight back.  Normally, I mock the music in my contempt.  But, when I’m feeling rambunctious, the fucking music gets stuck in my head.

Are we programmed to respond to this music automatically for a month out of the year.  They breed us at birth to fall under the preconceptions set upon us by Christmas.  If you were born in December, you came out of the womb whining the tune to “Jingle Bells”.

I understand, people like their Christmas music.  If it makes them happy, then… okay, let them have it.  But, they should have to seek out this music rather than it being forced upon us by EVERY department store.  I honestly cannot escape… and, when an animal is cornered… and it has rabies… and hasn’t read a comic book in a week… IT STRIKES OUT.

Hence the blogging… I’m just here to make a difference.

Now, go celebrate the holiday and suck Santa’s dick.


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23 12 2011
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[…] For more on Christmas, check out Christmas Wreaths and Inevitable Christmas Music! […]

23 12 2011
1000 Things We Hate #209: Christmas Wreaths « 1000 Things We Hate

[…] For more on Christmas, check out Fake Snow and Inevitable Christmas Music! […]

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