1000 Things We Hate #214: What Happens in ___, stays in ___

3 01 2012

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

We all know the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  It has infected common lexicon basically meaning that you can do whatever the hell you want here without anyone knowing back at home.  It’s basically a “get outta jail free” motto that allows you to unleash your inhibitions and rock it.  That’s understandable.  I see why people would like to go to a place – Vegas or just anywhere – and act completely different than normal.  Relax, rock out, and make out with lots of people.

The problem is – everyone says that same fucking line for everything.

“Hey, you’re going to Corvallis, right?”
“Yeah, I’m planning on meeting a few guys.  You know, whatever happens in Corvallis, stays in Corvallis.”

“Oh, I heard you’re heading to go into the woods to hunt Sasquatch!”
“Totally, whatever happens in the Lewis & Clark national forest, stays in the forest.”

Of course, if you were hunting Sasquatch, you probably would like to share that footage or proof of that giant ape-thing.

Overall, I feel like the saying is so overused that when someone says “I’m going to Vegas for Spring Break!,” you instantly think that they’re going to do something crazy and leave it behind them.

Another aspect is that the phrase makes people think that whatever they do will be easily forgotten and is completely excusable.  Get drunk and have sex with a hooker!  That will definitely not objectify the person and utilize them for minuscule sexual gratification.  Get drunk and dance on a bar!  Well, you’ll be the fool everyone vaguely remembers the next day and you’ll feel embarrassed (okay, I suppose that’s a bit more excusable).

Naturally, there have been some parodies of the common phrase.  Such as the idea that, if you get pregnant – or married – you can’t really leave that behind in Vegas.  In fact, there have even been whole movies based around this idea.  Honestly, these are almost more annoying than the actual phrase.  YES, we know there are some exceptions to the phrase, but you pointing them out in an attempt at being witty actually makes you seem incredibly foolish and annoying.  SO ANNOYING, that you get a sock in the ego-jaw.

So please, don’t rely upon this cheap phrase or you face looking like an idiot.


Being reasonable for something that is overly annoying!? *gasp* that is a rare thing.  For something more vulgar or just to release your underlying hate, check out our MASTER LIST!



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