1000 Things We Hate #215: Dirty Glasses

4 01 2012

Less than half of you readers will be able to relate to this, but that doesn’t matter.  Those who have glasses have more than enough hate to cover the entire world population.   Dirty glasses suck.

Maybe the Chineese will come up with a solution.

Perhaps you, the glasses wearers, are super obsessive or paranoid like me.  Obsessive because I always have to have clean glasses.  Paranoid because I’m always afraid of eye gunk and wipe my eyes causing glass smudges.  The combination is a vicious cycle between beauty and vision.  However, even if I stopped wiping my eyes I’d still have dirty glasses.  Why?

1. Rain.  It leaves horrible spots and is practically unavoidable.

2. Food.  Juicy fruits, which I eat daily, that love to squirt.

3. Dust.  Impossible to avoid.

4. Many, many more.

Well, why are clean glasses so important?  That’s a stupid question.  Those with impaired vision want normal vision; we try to see the world for how it is not how the dirt makes it.

Smudges, dots, haziness.  It’s all bad.

I’m a perfectionist and I need perfect vision.  I’d like to take my eyes through a time warp to before they started going all wonky, but that isn’t possible.   I need the aid of glasses.  But, when perfection is challenged (through glasses) multiple times a day I get angry.  When I don’t have my microfiber wipe around I get even angrier.  You might want to stay clear on one of those days.

In conclusion, dirty glasses suck.  It’s one of the most tedious annoyances I can think of.


For all your hating desires check out the master list.  I’d suggest reading about those “cool” hipsters that wear fake glasses.



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5 01 2012
1000 Things We Hate #215: Dirty Glasses « MechanisticMoth

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