1000 Things We Hate #217: Crazy GPS

11 01 2012

As hilariously outlined by The Office, GPS can be a dangerous ally/adversary.  I know that, sometimes, I just like to plug in an address and follow the machine until I get to my destination.  About half the time, though, the GPS gets you to your destination, but you’re not quite sure you’re there yet.

For instance, I went to take my GRE over the summer and the testing center was nestled into a mini shopping mall.  The name that the directions gave me did not match the name my GPS had assumed.  So, I was confused as to get to where I was.  Eventually, I figured it out, but it involved multiple turns with my GPS yelling at me to take a U-Turn.

So, let’s outline my most recent experience two days ago.  I was on my way to Tacoma after staying the night in Portland.  I had my GPS in my lap because the sticky thing wasn’t adhering to the dashboard causing my driving performance to go down.

I was fairly confident on how to get back onto I-5, but I decided to let the GPS do it for me.  Well, it told me to take a left at the Morrison Bridge.  Naturally, as soon as the Morrison Bridge came, I took it to get over to the other side of Portland.  Well, apparently I turned a light or two too early.  While on the bridge, the GPS told me to take a U-Turn which did not seem very safe or practical.  Then, I got over to the other side and the GPS had to keep on calculating and re-calculating my route because I kept on missing the turns since they were so sudden.

I ended up on a road specifically meant for the MAX line and not cars.  To which I kept on whispering “SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” until I got off that road.  Eventually, I made it to I-5, but only after taking probably a dozen turns in the wrong direction.  Out of stress, I almost cut off a car on the highway.  It was not a good experience.

I admit, much of this has to do with driver error.  Mostly, I put too much faith in a machine rather than my own ingenuity.  But, I was a man with no direction in a city I’ve only driven in a couple of times (and not in that area).  If there was a traffic cam, I will most surely get a ticket.  I will not contest it because I believe blaming my driving on a machine is ridiculous, but it helped me make those bad decisions.

Lesson of the story? Do not trust machines…


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