1000 Things We Hate #218: Friday the 13th

13 01 2012

Thanks to Beatcrave for letting me yank this image! Check out their post by clicking on the pic!

Ahh, friggatriskaidekaphobia.  You’re a darling aren’t you!?  You know you might be that person who goes and hides out on Friday the 13th from the world.  The image above is perfect: black cats, ladders, mirrors – all of the necessities for the best holiday vacation!  Seriously, people really do disappear for these lovely days!

Here’s the thing, the belief is slightly understandable.  Thirteen has been considered an unlucky number for AGES.  It’s one after 12 and 12 is a number of completion.  Thirteen throws everything off and out of alignment.  It’s WACK, fool.

What’s also interesting is that, in Spanish speaking countries, Tuesday the 13th is the unlucky one!  Strange, huh?

Alright, we’ve got the understanding, “feeling” thing out of the way.  Here’s what I want to say: the fear of anything that canNOT directly hurt you is fucking stupid.  I understand some aversion like “OH SHIT, A SPIDER!”  because some spiders CAN hurt you.  On the other hand, my boss has a fear of moths.  MOTHS CANNOT HURT YOU.  Fear of heights – yes, you can fall off and die from some things.  Fear of snakes – sure, their bites might really suck or kill you.  Fear of a platypus – well, it does have a poisonous barb…

FEAR OF A SINGLE FUCKING DAY?  It’s a day.  How is a day going to hurt you?  Sure, there’s that whole lucky/unlucky thing, but it’s all structured by chance.  Sure, you can have a bad day on Friday the 13th, but, according to some of my facebook friends, today was actually a really good day for them (including a friend who was born on Friday the 13th and celebrated her birthday today).  Your day will be yours to do with it what you will.  YOU’RE IN CONTROL.  Not some divine providence dictating what days are going to suck for everyone (except maybe the rapture).

Ready to run in front of anyone and everyone.

As I like to do in these cases, I wish to turn to the glory that is OpenBook.  The first thing that I can tell is that Friday the 13th brings out the HUMOR in everyone.

Stephanie comments, “Friday the 13th is going to be over and I’m not going to be able to see Houdini :(“

Dammit Houdini!  You’ve let us down again!

Rachel explains, “I guess when you dont realize its friday the 13th itll be a good day! I hung with a pretty cool person tonite, worked, and had 2 new healthy baby goats.”

Yes Rachel, but did you know those goats were born with SIX LIVERS!  Birth is nice, though, I’ll give her that!

Fred (people still name children Fred?) laments, “Yet another Friday the 13th where I don’t have to stop a rampaging serial killer……so depressing….”

Dammit!  I wish I had seen any/all of those movies!  But, I believe in you buddy!  Go stop a terrorist or something!  Join the Marines!  Yeah!

“I kicked Friday the 13th‘s ass.”

That’s right Caitlynn, you did.  YOU did.

–Keep in mind, all of those quotes came from posts within less than a minute of each other!

She's now dead... or at least I assume so - the picture's pretty old.

Apparently millions of dollars are lost on Friday the 13th and people avoid it like the plague.  Take the day off of work and such.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t even know today was Friday the 13th until about 6 at night.  It just doesn’t concern me.  So, take my approach, ignore it.


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And, it’s always safe to check our MASTER LIST.  Safe like wearing a condom!



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