1000 Things We Hate #219: Black Ice

26 01 2012

I have a lovely story:

So, our school just shelled out a shitload of money to build the “Commencement Walk”.  It is a beautiful pathway that works as the lifeblood that cuts through one side of the school grounds to the other.  It’s pretty to walk on and admire.  Even when it gets wet it’s not too slippery but has a decent amount of grip.

However, the cement between the tiles has already begun to crack.  I SAY HALLELUJAH SCHOOL!  Because you can’t hire someone who can properly create a pathway.  In fact, over winter break they were taking tiles out in order to properly cement them back together.

It’s a shame, really.  Something so nice already having problems.  The school wants to protect it and nurture it, but it’s time may come.

As shown through the post about the Snow Daze we had, we received a national emergency amount of snow in the Seattle area last week.  Now, I don’t like the snow, but I decided to just ride it out.  I can drive in the snow but not very well without studs.  Plus, like everyone suspicious and scared of the weather, I don’t trust other drivers (EVERYONE SAYS THIS).

There’s a danger on the street and it’s black ice.  The water freezes but the streets look fine until your back end slides you into a telephone pole or you lightly tap another car.  It’s dangerous and unpredictable.  You have to go slow and believe in yourself.  Seriously, a lot of accidents happen because of black ice.  It’s a deceptive little bastard.

Well, this black ice thing happened to be on our commencement walk.  I was strolling on my way to work walking like I normally do (fast and big, long steps) when BAM MOTHERFUCKER(!) I slipped on some black ice and landed on my ass.  Mind you, it was 7:45 in the morning, but there was still a grand total of 3 people walking in the other direction who got to witness this.

Naturally, I was embarrassed.  So, I jumped up AND ALMOST SLIPPED AGAIN.  “SHIT!” I thought.  I took tiny steps and slid upon the ice.

Now, what really pisses me off is the school’s neglect to put ice melt on the commencement walk.  It is by far the most dangerous pathway at the school when there’s ice on it because it’s fairly flat.  But, ice melt corrodes and they care more about the livelihood of a pathway then they do about their students falling and twisting an ankle.

So, I suppose this is a double hate, but black ice was the complete culprit.


Black Ice happens to be the stage name of a very powerful poet that I highly recommend.  Check out this video here:


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