1000 Things We Hate #222: Man Ass

11 02 2012

Let me begin with a story of a sweet, studious girl trying to do her homework in the library.  She’s trying so hard to write her three essays (!) due within the next two days, but something keeps distracting her.  Hmmm…what could it be?  What could distract such a stressed person?  The answer: man ass.

Not good man ass!  Rather, the hairy ass crack.

No one wants to see this.  It is not sexy.  It is disgusting.

Don’t men feel a breeze?  Isn’t it uncomfortable?  Can’t they simply pull up their pants or underwear?

Usually, on men, boxers or briefs come up past their pants.  This is acceptable. I’d rather look at their underwear than their hairy ass.  But wait!  Like in the picture above, what if you can’t even see any tiny snippet of underwear?  What if they simply aren’t wearing any?  This is a bad mental image; not because I’m against anyone going commando, but if it’s a guy wearing normal clothes there’s probably going to be a zipper rubbing against their junk.  This can’t be good…

Ass crack on anyone is awful.   However, men are a tad bit more disgusting simply because they’re so hairy.

Some of you might be wondering what became of the hypothetical girl in the library.  Well, after seeing the two man ass cracks in front of her she packed up her stuff to move to another table.  And, while walking past the male offenders she memorized their faces so that she could forever judge them.


Not a fan of man ass, what about female ass?  Check out previous posts: Jeans with No Back Pockets, Pantylines, Whaletail, and Tramp stamps.

If in doubt, check out the master list.



3 responses

15 02 2012
Writing Challenge #8: Turn Offs « MechanisticMoth

[…] turn off is somewhat related to Lillian’s post on 1000 Things We Hate about Man-Ass.  I am an exceptionally hairy man.  Particularly from about the belly button down (I AM LORD […]

25 05 2012

Your blog is priceless. Love it

26 05 2012

Thanks a lot! I love getting feedback like this. I highly recommend taking a trip through all of the previous hates at the Master List. It’s quite a doozy. I’m surprised we’re as far as we are!

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