1000 Things We Hate #224: Music and Movie Skipping

16 02 2012

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down to watch a movie and have the thing skip about… pause, double take, explode.  Except, well, maybe, getting your toes blown off by a shotgun… or eaten by a lawn mower, or eaten by a dog, or turned into hotdogs, or caught in a vice, or sent into space, or…

When you decide to listen to music or watch a movie, you have made a commitment.  That form of media should be just as committed to you as you are to it.  Like, by a death certificate.

“I am trying to relax or calm myself or fight off a polar bear security task force! So quit skipping! I’m BUSSSSY!”

You know when you have a major amount of mucus in your mouth waiting to be spit out but you just can’t bring yourself to do it?  Well, that’s sort of the feeling you get while a CD or DVD skips… okay, maybe not really.  BUT IT SUCKS!

The video above demonstrates how awesome(ly annoying) skipping can be!  Yeah-yeah-yeah-ye-ye-y-y-yeah-ye-ah-ah-ah-yeah-yeah!

Most of the time the reason these things skip is because of your poor care towards them.  “Hey, guess what CD! I’m not going to put you back in your case!”  It’s their damaged goods revenge.

Luckily, everything’s going digital!  CDs and DVDs are a dying breed (well, BluRays and videogames are still rocking it), but for those of us hanging onto the past, we have to suffer the consequences of having the same CD for 8 years.  It just doesn’t perform the same way as it used to [like in a marriage!].

What can we do to prevent this?  Well, we can easily clean the discs or take better care of them.  OR WE CAN BUILD A GIANT BONFIRE FOR CENSORSHIP!  Take that, Fleetwood Mac and your polygamy!


Let’s take you back into the past with our post about Music with Sirens while Driving!

While you’re at it, take a gander at our MASTER LIST collecting all of our Hates!



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