1000 Things We Hate #225: Music ADD

19 02 2012

We ALL know one person who does it: changes the radio station multiple times in a single ten minute drive.  They cannot choose a single song, mood, or station to stick to.  On the first sign of trouble for the ears, they scramble to switch the radio station and find something that’s halfway better.  This type of Musical ADD has become increasingly more common with the advent of hooking up your iPod to the car or just iPods in general.  There’s so much music at your fingertips, you cannot settle on one station or song or band.

Skipping things is natural with music.  Sometimes it just doesn’t fit the mood – so, move on – start over – begin anew.  As much as some people wish to deny it: music is an integral part of our lives.  Hence why we’ve become so picky about it.

BUT IT’S SO FRUSTRATING when you’re in a car with someone and they have to keep on switching between stations or songs to find something that will last a mere 3 minutes.  Come prepared with a CD (even then, especially if it’s a mixed CD, they will more than likely skip through it) or a choir in the backseat.  Driving takes up time and music helps that time go by faster.

Unfortunately, it’s even disgusting when a baby does it.

Baby vomiting on another baby which causes you to vomit on another baby disgusting .

What can we do when one of our friends starts switching between music?

  • Pierce their ears
  • Perform an opera
  • Slice up a pear
  • Go underwater spear fishing
  • Recite the alphabet backwards
  • Become a vampire umpire
  • Morph into a helicopter

ALL of these are viable options!

I have to admit that yes, I too, have switched between music.  But, I believe that I did this during an exception to the rule.

What is this exception, then?

Well, when you’re showing someone a handful of songs but you don’t have time to show them the entire song so you skip through the slow parts and get to the good parts.  This is a viable way of dealing with skipping through music.  IT HAS A PURPOSE.

If you’re just jumping through songs or radio stations based upon a quick 5 second moment of listening to judge, then you really need to calm down.  Choose something and stick with it.  The nice thing about radio is that, even if you don’t like something, in 3-5 minutes the song will change to something you WILL probably like.

So, give music a chance, Don’t be stupid, and believe in the power of pineapples.



Or, you can just check out the massive collection of hates at our MASTER LIST.



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25 02 2012
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