1000 Things We Hate #226: Tron Costumes

21 02 2012

On first glance, Tron suits are REALLY FUCKING COOL.  They basically take the idea of utilizing shadows to display emotion and inverse it by painting with light. You’re basically left with two colors: the light and the dark (and the shades created by the light).  It’s a neat idea and great effect.  UNTIL YOU REALIZE IT’S EVERYWHERE.

By everywhere, I mean in comic books.

Because, really, where else do you have the opportunity to dress characters up in new, fancy costumes at a moment’s whim?  For instance, The Amazing Spider-Man crafted an entire story based upon Spider-Man needing a specially tailored suit to fight off a villain.

Cool at first glance, Spidey... And WTF is Black Cat doing!?

It’s the mere prevalence of the light costume(s) everywhere that’s such a nuisance.  It’s become such a crutch in modern comics since Tron: Legacy came out.  In fact, here’s that same Spidey storyline with a DIRECT REFERENCE to Tron (Disney owns Tron and Marvel – Surprise!):

Marvel’s Fear Itself event featured special characters getting special weapons and special costumes for a special single issue (or two, it was a brief moment either way).  Once again, another attempt at appealing to the fanboy base and creating something “badass” with the possibility of selling toys.

Do you want a quick change-up to entice new fans?  Well, create a glow-y costume that attracts the eye.  It’s a clever ploy, but it’s being overused.

Now, I don’t want to paint Marvel as the only perpetrator of Tron Suitology – DC is just as at fault.  For instance, take in their Teen Titans/Legion Lost crossover coming up very soon:

What’s that!?  They’re battling in some sort of cyberspace!?  BIG SURPRISE.

Comics + Need for a neat, thrilling, limited change + technology + creators running out of ideas = Tron Costumes

That’s one of the worst calculations I’ve seen in a long time.


Comics seem a little redundant?  Well, share in the missteps with our post about the Marvel Heroines Sash.

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15 03 2012
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