My Week – ups and downs

22 02 2012

So, today was actually better than the last two days.  I was feeling more chipper, and I had some good things happen.  1.) I got a 9.8/10 on a Japanese Religion paper that I thought was terrible (upon re-reading it’s not too bad… at the time I was just really confused) 2.) I finished writing my second paper due on Friday.  MEANING, I can spend ALL OF TOMORROW studying for my Japanese Religion test on Friday.

Plus, tomorrow night I’m going to see my favorite band Breathe Owl Breathe play in Seattle.  So, I’m pretty excited even if people keep dropping like flies for whether or not they want to go.

Nevertheless, this has been a really sucky week and a half.  I’m pretty sure it’s because I went halfsees on a medication (as per doctor recommendation) which just happens to be my mood stabilizer.  But, I’m still sort of skeptical on whether or not it could just be me freaking out placebo style.

Overall, I should stay positive, but I don’t see anything getting too much better soon.

…and I’m still waiting to hear back from Utah for grad school (Utah the state, not the University – BECAUSE I CAN TALK TO ARBITRARILY MARKED PIECES OF LAND)…



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