1000 Things We Hate #227: Changing the Music at a Party

25 02 2012

I have a confession: I have an 11 hour Dance Party playlist on my iPod.  It took me HOURS to make.  Like, 4 or something.  It was a lot of sitting around deciding whether or not a song was danceable.  If yes, what type of dance?  I tried to vary it up for some hardcore dancing songs and then some slower dancing songs and all the like.

Well, in the month of August of 2011 a great failed experiment happened: we had a legitimate party at my house.  The theme was Mexican Fiesta and Selena and I made a giant Mariachi so people could pin Maracas onto him.  This was also a week after my car accident so I was hopped up (more like slowed down) on Vicodin meaning I had to go through the night without alcohol.

The person who initiated the party was our newly minted 18 year old roommate (who has now left/sort of been kicked out/ran out of money).  The patrons of the party were naturally her 18 year old/people not old enough (by law) to drink friends.  Things got out of hand, items were broken and/or spilled.  But you know what pissed me off most?  Someone changed the music that was playing on my iPod that I had specifically crafted for the party.

Seriously, who the fuck comes in to someone else’s house and changes the music?  Then, of course, this guy had to play some dubstep shit.  I wanted to vomit not only from the pain in my back but also from the synths going WRRRRRRRRR-WRRRRRRRRR-WRRRRRRRROOOOOOOO-WRRRRRRRRRR.  This little titbitch comes in and messes with the music.  I was taken aback, but when I finally realized what had happened, I imagined him being impaled by a unicorn’s horn.  (how tragic!).

I, of course, changed the music as soon as he left.  But, through that hour we had to suffer through it, a billion people (being the people who actually lived at the house and not the drunken guests frequenting it) came up to me and asked me what had happened.  A dirty ass motherfucker fucked with my goddamn music.  That’s what.

So please, respect the person’s house your visiting during parties particularly when they spend a careful amount of time and effort protecting people’s eardrums from dubstep shit.


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