1000 Things We Hate #228: Dirty Monitors

26 02 2012

What if you found a small termite family living inside of your laptop computer?  Trust me, it’s possible.  Or a hornet’s nest.  Or an armadillo den.  It’s happened.  I know… from experience.

All of those sorts of things would probably make you throw away your computer – go “I’m tired of this shit!” and toss it.  Well, you probably should.  There’s usually no turning back at that point.

But what’s a simpler thing that you can do in the meantime to prevent damage to your computer?  CLEAN YOUR FUCKING MONITOR.

I don’t understand how people can stare at their computer monitor and look around the specks of dirt.  Sure, the monitor’s back-lit and that takes away from you seeing some of the dirt.  Nevertheless, I’ve been on some computers that you need special goggles to see through to the actual images on the screen.

It’s just disgusting.  I mean, dirty computers in general are gross, but monitors show how nasty you truly are.  There’s only so many times you can get away with sneezing onto your monitor (cover your nostrils with your sleeve!).  Your computer, in this day and age, can be seen as an extension of yourself.  Do you have good hygiene?  Well, show it with your monitor.

Here’s a helpful video for those of us who do not know how to approach cleaning a monitor and/or your computer:

If you want to impress the ladies (or the guys) with your technological know-how, then keep your monitor clean (like clean from VD!).

If you want to make your mother proud, then keep your monitor clean.

If you want to stare into the deep hole or giant tower of the universe, then keep your monitor clean.

If you want a monitor lizard, then keep your other monitor clean (so you can order it off a pet website).

If you want to become a living teacup filled with jelly and natural disasters, then keep your monitor clean.

If you want to avoid me hating you, then keep your monitor clean.


Sure, there’s a lot of things I could hate you for.  So, check the MASTER LIST to help you avoid my – our – wrath.



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14 07 2012
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