1000 Things We Hate #229: Oscar Presenter Banter

27 02 2012

Last night I worked the Oscars…

Let that sink in.

Okay, now I’m going to ruin it.

I didn’t actually work at the Oscars.  I worked at The Grand Cinema’s Oscar party.  I basically sold raffle tickets for the first half, and had the special job of ballot checker for the second half.

During my time frantically checking the ballots, I noticed one common theme throughout the Oscars: the presenters were TERRIBLE.  I understand, they have the goal of introducing the award and they try to be humorous or humble.  What they actually do is put the crazy fright into the people who have been nominated for the awards.  “WHY ARE YOU PUTTING THIS OFF! LET ME KNOW!”  Here are some examples of Oscar presenters gone wrong (I really wish I could get the Robert Downey Jr. schtick from last night because it was an epic fail).

The gimmick that just didn’t do it:

This skit happened during the Avatar craze of 2009/2010.  Ben Stiller tries his best to be funny, but relies too heavily on his ridiculous make up.  It’s only funny because someone went to all of this trouble for something that just kind of fell flat.  Incidentally, they made fun of it during this year’s Oscars when Emma Stone, while presenting with Ben Stiller called him out… mind you, this was crazy scripted… and Emma Stone basically sucks as an Actress (if anyone can remember my Twitter tirade on “Easy A,” then I applaud you).  Which leads us to my next point.

The dual presenter playoff:

Okay, this one already suffers from the Nic Cage syndrome, but it represents two actors trying to make sense of the world and provide something halfway entertaining.*  For most Awards except the big ones (Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Director), the Academy has been doubling up on presenters.  Unfortunately, most of the presenters have not worked with their co-presenter before.  So, everything falls flat based upon their practice of the presentation that lasted 10 minutes before they went onstage (over-dramatization, I know).

The standard joke:

Guess what!  They make this joke at least every other year at the Oscars.  It basically goes like this “these people are such great actors, they’re going to act happy for the person who wins despite losing the award themselves.”  They did it this year with Meryl Streep (with her record 17 nominations and now 3 wins) saying that she had to act her way through those 14 times of not getting it.  It’s a great joke, don’t get me wrong.  But, I feel like it should be added to the Oscars drinking game = down a whole beer when someone says this.

Beautiful ladies!

Does anyone find it slightly, if not incredibly creepy when the male presenter is just like “Beautiful/Sexy women/ladies/hotties/actors.”  The female presenter in the opposite role for the men usually doesn’t call them “handsome” or “hotties” or “male candy.”  So, why do men get to do it?


Oscars?  “Yes, Elliott?” Get some presenters that are respectable and other ones that ARE ACTUALLY FUNNY.  Just because they’ve starred in comedic roles does not make them funny in front of large groups of people.**

*If you can find a better video of two presenters being awful with each other at the Oscars, please comment with it!

**Sorry, The Oscars on YouTube do not allow me to embed these videos, but you can still watch them by clicking the link in the middle of the video.


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