1000 Things We Hate #232: Stickers on Hats

8 03 2012

I am the furthest thing away from a ‘thug.’  I shudder at the word.  Some of my dope-ass-hoebag-bros could probably attest that I’m just not ‘in’ that crowd.  Some of my cousins are… and I am ashamed…

Anyway, there’s a bubbling trend that’s apparently been going on for 5-7 years and I have only now noticed it.  The trend?  Keeping the stickers on baseball caps or other thug apparel in the form of a hat.  The stickers can appear on the bottom of the bill or on the underside of the bill or the side-side of the bill.

There are apparently a lot of reasonable reasons for keeping the stickers on the hats like “the hat gets dusty and if you remove the sticker it leaves a coloration mark” or “there’s sticky residue left” or “I’m a fuckwad.”  You know, all of the above.  Unfortunately for those people, it looks fucking stupid.  The type of stupid that happens when you get a mule as a prize – which is a totally unproductive, lack-of-reproductive-parts twat – in a spelling bee contest.

So, you’re basically keeping the branding of the brand on your hat?  That’s like a double-negative that’s still negative doubly so.  I don’t care about the size of your head or what’s all neat about the hat.  It kind of ruins the talking points “oh, nice hat, you’re a fan of the letter “A” and are wearing a 59Fifty hat in size 7.5.  Neat!”  Keep it a mystery, people!  Like the mystery as to where your garbage disposal machine thing goes to (Nigeria, clearly).

Now that the hat producers have caught on, they keep extra stickers in stock to replenish those stupid enough to keep them on then wear them off.  They have probably made the stickers bigger and put more adhesive on them.  They have also probably stuck their fingers up their butts and smelled their hands afterwards… just sayin’.


That’s what I think.

You know, there’s a kid in one of my classes.  For starters, his name is a thug term for “group”.  Nevertheless, this guy is incredibly intelligent.  Every time he speaks up he has something valuable to add to the conversation in the class.  You would totally not expect it from this guy partly because he keeps the stickers on his hats.  There’s a need for change, everyone! Everyone? Everyone!


Yo! Yo! Yo! Yoyoyo! Yo! Yo! Ugh! Yo! Check it!
[Elliott’s attempt at rapping and persuading you to check out the MASTER LIST]



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4 10 2012
mystert of the 59fifty hats and their golden stickers | consummate consumer

[…] discussions! Some people say it’s associated with being gangsta or thuggish or whatever. Others say it’s annoying and douchey and plain ol’ dumb. There are even Youtube videos […]

15 11 2012

I agree, it is definitively a foolish trend. I will admit, it was something I myself did years ago to keep the sticker from marking the cap. It can definitively be tied to urban hip hop culture, as well as gangs. But it is still a trend, no different from most. You come off as condescending an arrogant to imply that an insignificant fashion would have any real thought behind it, and would signify someones “thug” culture connections. I think it could get kids arrested for stealing at malls, but admit it; you never did anything for fashion in your youth that you are embarrassed off now ?

20 11 2012

Wow, what a condescending self-hating post…..

22 12 2012

Lol are you trolling kido? Who gives a fuck if people leave a sticker on their hats. People don’t leave stickers on hats because they’re trying to make an impression of being gangsta or a trend follower, I left the sticker on my Lakers hat because it shows the hat isn’t a fake (no one wants to wear fake shit), & so I can sell/return it later if I want to, taking the sticker off ruins the look of the hat for a lot of people. If you don’t like people leaving stickers on their hats, buy your own fucking hat & take the sticker off, or stop bitching about pointless shit online. At least 8/10 people leave the stickers on their hats.

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