Change Moments

11 03 2012

Freshmen year of college, we were asked during our introduction to the school about what we believed to be the invention that caused the greatest amount of change in the 20th century.  This was group work with fellow students (who all lived on the same dorm floor) in order to work together and come to a consensus.

The one thing that kept on coming up was “The Internet” “the internet” “the Internet”.

The majority of people in this group of 20 students decided the greatest invention of the 20th century was the internet.

I argued something a bit different.  I argued for the atom bomb.

The atom bomb caused the single most amount of man-made destruction in the history of Earth.  It killed thousands of people and left many other people deeply hurt physically, emotionally, and psychologically for the rest of their lives.  This was untold horror come to life.

What the atom bomb also lead to was the Cold War where America and Russia were locked in a battle to become more scientifically advanced than the other.  This led to the Hydrogen bomb then to the space race which needed computers.  The human race had already dabbled with electronics like radio long before this, but these massive computers were finally coming together.

Where did computers lead us to?  The internet.

The internet would not exist had we not entered the Cold War which was spurred by the atom bomb or nuclear weapons in general.

(and, of course, you could trace the internet back even further past the atom bomb, but I figured that was a better starting point)

I was vehement in my opinion.  I lost to spoiled children.



One response

16 03 2012

History much? Computers weren’t created for the space race, although the structure of the internet is a distributed system in part to prevent vulnerability to nuclear attack. What are your sources here? Did you even Wikipedia this, or are you just extrapolating based on what you’ve seen on TV? You’re just one more pretentious student who thinks you’re better than everyone else; too bad you’re not. Newsflash: spoiled child loses subjective argument to other spoiled children; argues about the importance of a technology that ushered in unprecedented levels of destruction and terror, complains about losing argument.

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