AppleBabySpinachNazi Pie

20 04 2012

Commentator El Michael asked for this pie:

I definitely want a slice of the AppleBabySpinachNazi pie. With chocolate on top, and hold the spinach. Via digital tablet.

…and maybe a dinosaur in the background celebrating the presence of said AppleBabySpinachNazi pie. Preferably from the Tyrannosaur family. I also like party hats, so try to incorporate one into the picture.

I spent a long time on this one.  Possibly because El Michael determined to be soooo specific about the pie.  Part of the problem was installing my Bamboo tablet onto my new computer.  For some reason it wouldn’t work, but I eventually got it.  Oh, that little thing in the bottom left corner is a plate of spinach.

You may be asking, “Why the fuck is he drawing a T-Rex eating a Nazi Arm and pie at the same time!?”  Well, my dear folks.  a suggestion from a friend (our very own El Michael) about offering pie to readers of the blog prompted me to ACTUALLY OFFER (virtual) PIE TO READERS OF THE BLOG.  How can you get in on this?  Well, go to THIS POST ABOUT PIE and be one of the first 25 commentators within the week of the original posting.  I’m up for drawing zany shit.  So go for it.



5 responses

20 04 2012
Mud Pie « 1000 Things We Hate

[…] wanted mud all over the place.  I added the text because I wanted to be mildly insulting (not like a severed baby head did it […]

20 04 2012
PIEZZZZ « MechanisticMoth

[…] I’m rocking the pie contest thing.  So far, I’ve drawn a Mud Pie and an AppleBabySpinachNazi. […]

21 04 2012
El Michael

Clearly the latter is your magnum opus.

22 04 2012
C’Mon Pie! « 1000 Things We Hate

[…] AppleBabySpinachNazi Pie! […]

23 04 2012
Cream Pie « 1000 Things We Hate

[…] to see some examples of other pies I’ve drawn?  Check out the AppleBabySpinachNazi pie and the Mud pie! Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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