Cream Pie

23 04 2012

Eparibus ordered his pie by declaring:

I order a cream pie
It should be born out of two male zygotes, fusing
I want the pie to suffer delicious cognitive dissonance; mental discord a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.. Its core – soft, melty yin-yang tarts floating in nirvana

Well, I did my best.  This was a super difficult order to interpret.  I am no grand chef/baker/thing.  I mostly hooked around the melting yin-yang tarts.  I put a few of them in the pie, but the angle I chose didn’t really allow for me to focus on them melting.  So, I just threw in some extra ones here and there in the image.  Granted, they’re kind of distracting, but I think they add to the feel.

The yellow splashes in the background are meant to be the two male zygotes fusing.  Having them in the background is meant to suggest that they are birthing the pie.

In order to get the mental discord a la Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I gave the pie a split through most of the middle.  I wanted to show that the pie was conflicted.  To further emphasize this I put 2 streaks down either side.  The green is meant to be Mr. Hyde and the blue is meant to be Dr. Jekyll (inverted the regular order by accident).  I figured green could be like the serum it takes to turn into Mr. Hyde while the blue is more calming.

Overall, I tried.  Not sure if I did anything worthy of Eparibus’s request.  What do you think?


Why am I drawing pies!?  I’m kind of asking myself that same question.  Nevertheless, I am willing to draw a pie to someone’s specification based upon the outline in THIS POST.  Think of something zany – I’ll draw it!

Want to see some examples of other pies I’ve drawn?  Check out the AppleBabySpinachNazi pie and the Mud pie!



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