Feminist Frequency or One Step Closer to Eliminating Sexism

12 06 2012

We here at 1000 Things We Hate pride ourselves on hating things.  Some of them are trivial like words or phrases while others are big things like Lindsay Lohan’s acting capabilities.

However, I’d like to remind everyone that most of our hate is in jest.  I mean, can you really take us seriously when we write a whole post on how the dolphin is such a useless animal?

So, it’s really upsetting to see some people engage in pure hate or trolling as you can observe in the reaction to Feminist Frequency’s Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a series of videos on sexism in videogames.  (Here’s Anita’s detailing of the YouTube response and the Wikipedia vandalism).

One of our place markers for 1000 Things We Hate will be a post on sexism in comics.  I’d like to expand that to sexism in general, but I’m most familiar with comics.  This post will upset many people as does my post on J. Scott Campbell.

I can take the heat.  People will probably not make as many terrible comments if they recognize that I’m a man which is an unfortunate luxury.  Though, people choose to ignore my statements that I am a man, and they assume that anyone writing a post on the plight of women in comics is a woman.  So, they say such things about how I need to shave my armpits and go get fucked.  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a rape threat, but I’m sure it will happen at some point.

The sad thing is is that we’re still at a point in our culture where this happens.  I’d like to applaud Anita at Feminist Frequency as well as the many other people out there trying to effect change.

Because change needs to be made.



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