1000 Things We Hate #241: Your/You’re

25 06 2012

This post will be short and sweet because it’s one of those grammar things that is really easy to fix.


Let me give you a grasp on this simple grammatical error that bothers the shit out of me – the difference between your/you’re.

Your is possessive.  “It’s your binder, not mine.”
You’re is a contraction meaning “You are.”  It’s just like “don’t” meaning “do not.”

So, it’s:

“You’re going to the park?”
“How was your trip to the park?”

See how “your” makes the trip to the park a possessive thing?  While “you’re” displays an action.  You can also rearrange the “you” and “are” from “you’re” to make, “Are you going to the park?”


Simple, right?  Unfortunately, most people use “your” for everything rather than breaking apart “you’re” to stand for “you are.”

So, I’m tired of this shit that involves “Your going to the park?”

For reference, here are my reactions to the wrongdoing over your/you’re:

It begins with utter anger and disgust.  See how I barely look human?  That’s how angry I am.  My sideburns are literally popping out of my face.

Then I go into a brief moment of frustration.  I cease to care about my hair, light shoots out of my armpit, and my arm hair stands on end.

Finally, I turn into a human vegetable.  My eyelids begin to droop, my tongue slowly escapes from my mouth, and I probably let out a little tear every time someone tells me grammar (or Gogurt) is dead.

Okay, come to think of it, this is my set of reactions towards most things… even when I fall in love with a butterfly or the air or the tiny wedge of light between your door and door frame at night with your house next to a street lamp or Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream with gumball eyes OR FALL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF.  These things almost always happen on a daily occurrence (probably just the butterflies because we don’t live next to a street lamp in Bend nor does the ice cream truck come out all the way to a place 10 miles away from everything BUT I ALWAYS FALL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF).

Get it right people.  The crusade against “your” and “you’re” WILL NEVER END until people stop shitting themselves inside their brains.


Hey, hey guys… guess what?  You can unload your brain by visiting the MASTER LIST to read all of the 1000 Things We Hate up to this point!  It’s a great way to waste your time on the internet!  Come on, it’s better than 4Chan!



2 responses

26 06 2012

In addition to: to/too/two and there/their. Aaarrrggghhhh!

26 06 2012

Oh definitely. I know I’ve made the mistake of a difference between there/their/they’re, but I’ve usually caught it (thank goodness).

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