Owl Frisbee

6 07 2012

As I just covered in my post a few minutes ago on our sister site, I’ve been throwing a lot of frisbee lately.  I’d like to showcase a fun little gif:

What drew my attention to this gif was how amazingly excited this owl is to catch the disc.  So excited that IT SPUN AROUND IT’S ENTIRE HEAD MULTIPLE TIMES.  It’s like when you try to get super dizzy, but it can do it by itself standing still.  But, to note, this blog wouldn’t be what it is without the occasional (always) hate coming out: I empathize with the owl after it throws the disc – it gets a little sad, almost cries.  After I throw away the disc I also get very sad.  I crave it back so I can throw another goofy throw and probably miss the target unless I’m throwing forehand.  This probably becomes especially great when in a larger group of people.

Oh well, at least we can always hope to have that moment when the owl’s eyes open super wide and you feel all of the splendor of the world enter its twirling body.



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