1000 Things We Hate #245: Touching Computer Screens

14 07 2012

I freak out a lot.  For instance, yesterday I went on a hike with my two best friends and my Mom to the top of a mountain.  I’m not the biggest fan of heights, but I’ll go up there.  However, I will not stand on the edge and look straight down.  Troy (in particular) and Aaron enjoyed the looking straight down and edge thing WHERE YOU COULD EASILY PLUMMET TO YOUR DEATH WITH ONE SLIP.  Troy pushed it even further by standing on one foot.  I would not appreciate watching one of my friends fall to their death (although, I’d only see the beginning rather than look over the edge and watch).

So, yeah, I was freaking out standing at least 10 feet away at all times from the edge.  I’d like to think that me freaking out about the possibility of death is similar to me seeing someone about to touch my computer screen.

I’ll be showing something really awesome to someone like all of the different slurpee flavors that exist or like my pictures from the aforementioned hike.  They’ll want to point something out to me by literally pointing to the computer monitor.  But, as I inhale deeply, I spot their finger drawing nearer and nearer to my monitor.  Before I can stop them, they’ll tragically slide their greasy finger along the screen leaving a smudge that I will have to clean later.

I have developed a strategy in dealing with this atrocity.  When I can tell someone’s about to do it, I will yell (literally) at them to stop.  Or, if I’m in a particularly bad mood, I’ll slap their hand.  The problem is that sometimes they’re just going to point a full inch and a half away from the screen, BUT I CANNOT TAKE THAT RISK.

If you want to please the general population (as in me), then take care and point in the general area of what you want to draw attention to a good two inches away from the screen.  After they get close to the item of interest, describe to them what you’re looking at and say whether or not it’s up/down/left/right.  If they don’t understand where you’re trying to tell them to go, bite their ear off… that will teach them a lesson to pay attention.


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