Punch in the face

11 08 2012

This slap is only warranted by him taking his shirt off first.

Thanks for taking care of me…

25 07 2012

Because you needed it.

By the way, I have no idea what the source is for this… but I find it hilarious!

She’s all like “mmmmhhhmmm bad decision.”  He’s like, “that’s right, cuddle my nipple.”


16 07 2012

I love cats!  I love cartwheels!  I love ruined catwheels!
(ps, it doesn’t land on its feet)


6 06 2012

Best acting ever.  I wish I could morph my face like that.



29 05 2012

I’m actually in a really good mood.  So, it’s hard to hate on things when you’re like “lalalalala YEAH!”

Nevertheless, I hope the gif above inspires people to be like Steve Rogers: go punch some punching bags… or Nazis.


21 05 2012

I cannot fully express how much I wish I could repetitively high five a cat while it was laying on its back and giving a slight wink.

Which, by the way, don’t you hate it when cats don’t let you touch their paws?

Sure, it’s a sign of trust or laziness when a cat does let you, but I want to do it ALL OF THE TIME.  Paw massage?  YES PLEASE!  Look, I’m trying to help you relax so we can hug later… come on.

Then they just roll up into a “fuck you” ball.

Time Warp

8 05 2012

Feast your eyes upon this!