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12 12 2012

Sometimes this is me late at night…

1000 Things We Hate #86: Drunk Black Eyed Peas

28 07 2010

“I Gotta Feeling (Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night)” by The Black Eyed Peas

I am aware that it is just a song, but if you are yet to notice there is someone leaving this or some variation of this song as their status on facebook every other night. I believe it is BECAUSE of two mega points, A AND B.

A: These people party all the damn time. It is their life goal to go to more parties than there is humanly possible to enjoy mainly so they can be foolish in front of people they don’t know and somehow feel better about themselves. They figure that they can make an ass of themselves in front of strangers, just maybe making a friend in the end who they can use to find more parties in the future. I don’t know about other people, but I like to make friends sober and I also like to keep my friends and not use them. The typical party has enough potential to ruin everyone’s night and relationships for no real reason at all. And the world of F’nBDAholeC’ieWH’s (swear word combo X6) can suck my D thang for a second while I write them a “sorry for your loss” card.

B: They haven’t had liver problems yet.

Imagine her voice... now!

I imagine the voice of this next dialogue is that of Francine Drescher (Fran from “The Nanny”) gives me shivvvvvverzzzz or just shivers..

Hey every one, drink as much as you can tonight because tomorrow night we’re going to have to drink more hehahaah, and God help us the day after that because I’m too drunk to even mark the calendar for how wasted we’re getting after that.

Is it just me again or is there always one person at a party who makes announcements like this?? We’ve all been to one whether we want to be there or not, and we’re stuck in the back wondering “why is that person even here”, but then, more importantly, you ask “why am I here(?)”.  Not to stray away from this song by the black eyed peas… Oh yes, the one which talks about drinking and going out and being crazy spending money for the hell of it and having oh such a jolly good night in doing such.

I'm in the tallest building on the left

One of the more important reasons that I hate this song is that everyone by force has to know it. This song is on TV, Internet advertisements, the radio, billboards, etc. When I was in Miami this past spring break a crowd of 20,000 plus raving party people erupted to sing this song when it came on. I was staying with my sister 32 floors up and right across the street, I felt the song in my teeth.. I don’t know why I didn’t shoot myself.

If you don’t know of this groovy, throwaway, one hit wonder, waste of a song, oooooh how I wish I was you. I’m not big in talking government conspiracy but I’d almost like to think our government is coming up with all the new rap/hiphop songs suggesting we go get trashed, spend spend spend to stimulate the economy, and be as dumb as we want. All the easier it is to control us.

Not to mention, these people party so much that they work only so they can waste it all on what magazines say they should. More importantly, for them to afford the beeeeeer, red cups, and ping pong balls. Tonight is not going to be a good night, like any night, it is unpredictable and I would also like to enjoy tomorrow morning. Parting every night is for people who don’t care about anything, and although its been “cool” to “not give a sh*t” your personality is really just a bunch of the greasiest sh*t.  This just touches the surface.

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