My Nighttime

12 12 2012

Sometimes this is me late at night…

Headache Pinch

16 11 2012

I believe I’ve mentioned my headaches before (I know I have), but today I’m having one of the worst ones I’ve had in a year… but I’m still going to go see The Octopus Project play music live tonight…


The Face

16 06 2012

My face when women (or other groups outside the white, male, and upper-class world we live in) are objectified in the media.

This becomes even more apparent when it happens in the form I love most: comic books.

1000 Things We Hate #212: Bent Cards

28 12 2011

How decrepid

Lately, my housemates and I have been playing many games.  These range from board games, to word games, to card games.  They have now been initiated into the world of “ELLIOTT FREAKING OUT ABOUT HIS CARDS”.  What is this world, you ask?  Well, it is by far one of the most dangerous places ever.  Once, a baby fell into the world and it came back with a severed head… BUT IT WAS STILL ALIVE.

I suppose my aversion towards bent cards began in the classic Pokécraze of the late 90s.  I collected the cards like every young child, and I put all of the foils into a special folder.  When I saw other kids cards with scratches and bent edges, I freaked out.  Granted, I wasn’t planning on making a fortune off of the things, but I like things that look tidy and well-kept.  I was a child of PERFECTION.

The beginnings of it all

When the Pokémon craze died out, so did my desire of keeping the cards.  I no longer cared about the quality of them.  I didn’t go out and throw them down a sewer drain.  Instead, I gave them to my Mom’s co-worker’s son who had autism.  I was nice once…

I like order.  So, when you mess with my cards, I still want them to look good.  Sure, having a nice well-worn deck of playing cards is nice – there’s history to them.  But, there’s also nothing better than a fresh deck.  They’re so hard and difficult to shuffle.  They make you work to play your games.

Part of the reason I don’t want my cards to be bent is because I don’t want any tactical advantage for myself or others.  I’m the type of person that will remember “the one with the slightly bent corner is a 4 of clubs” even if it’s not intentional.  Plus, I want my cards to lay flat and look nice.  If it’s a game like Munchkin or Catan, I also don’t want to pay for more (replacement) cards.  I popped $20-40 for those puppies, please don’t suck me dry further.

Nice and orderly, please!  Or, I may murder your family (or feed you to the Plutonium Dragon in Munchkin).  It’s true, I’ve done it before.  Haven’t you ever heard of Steven Jenkins IV?  That’s right, you haven’t because I killed him… with my teeth.

Not bending cards is practical.  It allows for the cards to stack much more nicely and be played with more fairly.  So, don’t fuck it up for the rest of us.


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Pikachu & Ketchup

22 11 2011

A true romance was crafted in the early episodes of Pokémon.  Both Ash and Pikachu loved food, and, above all, Pikachu loved ketchup (Ash Ketchum… A further love for his trainer).  Though it does not figure as prominently in current episodes.  We shall always remember the forbidden love of Pikachu and ketchup.

Always remember!


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25 10 2011

This may be somewhat related to a future post (cleaning fishtanks), but I just wanted to point out how strange goldfish are.

They’re orange and malformed with hints of white and bulbousness.  They seem to constantly be pooping at any moment.

I remember thinking about how easy it would be to swallow one (I have seen many people do so), but I was always taken aback by a squirming thing traveling down my gullet to the infinity that is my body.  Plus, pooping out fish bones would be weird.

Pokémon naturally has a goldfish Pokémon named Goldeen with an evolution being Seaking.


At least Pokémon tries to spice up the droll little thing by adding a spike onto its head.

Anyway, we all know the real winners of the cute-fish-that-we-have-and-are-relatively-okay-with-dying-within-the-next-12-months, the Beta fish!

Vastly superior, the Beta Fish makes all other fish its slaves.  This could be possibly because the males or so gosh darn aggressive.  Strange that these bright fish are freshwater.  However, they reached this by selective breeding.  So, oh well.  They’re only semi-natural like the pugly or labradoodle.

In the end, those fish are going to die and die soon.  So, why go through all of the trouble.  Or, at least go through the trouble by spicing up your fish repertoire by getting something exotic that costs more than $5.

Some more thoughts on Igglybuff

23 10 2011

by Kurososhi13

Does anyone else find this equally disturbing?  It’s as if Wigglytuff ate Jigglypuff who in turn ate Igglybuff.  Now, I am all for the eating of Igglybuff but they would probably taste like soap… which is gross.

Also, I really love Jigglypuff’s Elvis-curl.  It’s too bad Igglybuff is related.

Rollin' around...

God, I hate Igglybuff.

by gothYvonne