7 01 2013

Realized this is/would be my 300th post on 1000 Things We Hate.

Things are on the backburner as I get back into school.  I intend to keep on writing, but it’s hard to keep up when you’re in grad school.

Anyway, what better way to celebrate my 300th post than with one of the shittiest movies of the last ten years!?

Punch in the face

11 08 2012

This slap is only warranted by him taking his shirt off first.

Pop It

13 05 2012

By the way, I graduated for my Undergrad today.  ^I did this on stage^

Okay, not really.  But, I suppose it’s an accomplishment even if I’m going to Graduate School in August.  More school, yay!


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8 05 2012

So, I’ve been fairly non-existent from the blog for the last month.  That will soon change! …after I get through finals.

Here’s a (now) classic 1000 Things We Hate post on SCOOTING DESKS.  It may not be as classy as the image above…


25 04 2012

Hey you guys!

I’m currently leading into finals.  So, I am rather busy.  Soon I’ll be graduating and I’ll have some free time to post before going back to Grad School.  Still… gotta get through these last couple of weeks.

I’m working it like that lady from Xena.

And yes, that is mildly offensive.  THANKS TELEVISION!

Snow Daze

19 01 2012

Crazy cool snow sculptures!

The only reason this is not a full post is because many people really like snow days.  I do not want to come across as overly bitter and ruin someone’s love of snow.  Just because I don’t like it, I shouldn’t write a generalizing post calling out for NO ONE to like it.

That would just make me a bastard.

Instead, I’m going to talk about how I really dislike snow cancelling work and school.

Sure, those days off are nice, but my school’s been put in a conundrum.  We just started the new semester and, one day into it, we get two days (maybe more) cancelled because of the shameful weather.  As many people (should) know, I LOVE SCHOOL.  I hate missing out on it because I feel like, particularly for college, I’m paying for it so I might as well get my money’s worth.  If school is cancelled, for any reason, then I’m VERY disappointed.

I understand that snow days are like an act of god for kids.  They get really excited for this foreign (at least in the Seattle area) material and wish to play in it.  That’s great!  I support that for children.  But when snow causes a grinding halt to life as we know it, I am not so pleased.

I feel like I’m missing out on school and that really frustrates me.

Oh well, at least I made a snowman!

Ashley and I in our fatal attempt to give the snowman a beard... His name's Jim.

1000 Things We Hate #206: Scooting School Desks

8 12 2011

Going for that CLASSIC Look

“Okay everyone! Time to circle up!”

THESE ARE DEATH WORDS.  Okay, obviously death words are words like “death,” “dead,” “fatal,” or “lycanthropy.”  Nevertheless, these words are THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE.  Why? Because they foretell what is to come.

Now, I don’t mind getting into a circle for class.  It promotes group sharing and camaraderie for all of the students.  Facing forward all eyes towards the teacher can be a little intimidating and most likely leads to a lecture-based class.  Which is all fine and good if you do not require a discussion.

So, my Lesbian and Gay Lit class is a dream.  One, interesting topic.  Two, we read some pretty powerful texts.  Three, I feel like I must be experiencing some terrible dream [read nightmare] at the beginning of the class.  We MUST circle up.  We respond to each other with the professor at the front of the class leading us into that wonderful dandelion field of knowledge.  Nevertheless, the first two minutes of the class are grueling.


In order to circle up, we must move our desks.  Unfortunately, many people are not kind and decide to push/scoot their desks across the tile floor.  This creates a “BRRRUUOHHHHH BRUHHHRRRHHH BrrOUHGHHHH” noise.  That noise is TERRIBLE on its own, but when you have 15 people doing it at the same time, IT IS AWFUL.

What everyone SHOULD be doing with their desks!

I just do not understand what is going on!  Seriously, how fucking difficult is it for you to PICK UP YOUR DESK.  Are you quadriplegic!?  DO YOU HAVE NO SOUL!?  I don’t get embarrassed easily… so, I don’t get embarrassed in this situation.  BUT, I feel really terrible for all of the classrooms next door that are earnestly starting their classes off with “JRBBRRREGRGUUHGG BRREUUGGGHHRRRRRR!”

The thing is, I can totally hear other classes that do this, FROM TWO STORIES DOWN.  How fucking disruptive is that!?  Seriously!

So, take your wimpy little catgutmuscle arms and lift those goddamn desks and save us all of the painful noises that sound like someone put a thousand toothbrushes made of metal into a meat grinder and blender simultaneously!


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